SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Bedford County man is facing felony charges after he was accused of shooting inside a Somerset County home.

Dustin Howsare, 37, of New Paris, was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly pulled into the driveway of the home along Hollow Road in Ogle Township and fired several rounds. State police were sent to the home at 5 p.m. after receiving a 911 call about the shooting while three other people were present.

According to a criminal complaint, Howsare drove past the house in a white Ford truck while troopers were at the scene. He was then stopped and arrested by state police.

Dustin Howsare, 37, of New Paris. Image provided by the Somerset County Prison.

Troopers said Howsare had a 9mm pistol with an empty magazine and a fully loaded revolver. Bullet casings were also found in the driveway and inside the home, according to state police.

Witnesses told troopers Howsare pulled into the driveway at high speed. They then heard him yelling and heard several gunshots. One person recalled seeing wood chips flying from a wall from the bullets.

According to the complaint, Howsare went inside the home and told everyone to “get the f*** out” and also said he was not going back to jail. A man who witnessed the shooting claimed the gun Howsare used belonged to him and that Howsare had stolen it from him several days prior.

When troopers questioned Howsare, he said he fired two shots in the driveway and was shooting at flower pots because he was mad. He claimed he didn’t shoot at anyone inside the home but said he did shoot several items.

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Howsare was arraigned on Monday and taken to the Somerset County Prison where he’s being held on $50,000 bail.

He’s facing three felony aggravated assault charges, two counts of discharging a firearm into an occupied structure, three counts of recklessly endangering another person, carrying a firearm without a license and receiving stolen property.