BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)–Bedford County students officially wrapped up their video work for their “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” project.

This project is a first for Bedford County. The goal is to tell the stories of six different county manufacturers and explain more about what they do.

Students visited these facilities at various times as they shot the facility and interviewed everyone on a GoPro or a cell phone. The students had to grab as much video as possible to help produce their two-minute video pieces.

Chestnut Ridge Middle School and Hope for Hyndman Charter School were the last of the six schools to tour. Chestnut Ridge Middle School toured Bedford Reinforced Plastics. Hope for Hyndman Charter School toured Mission Critical Solutions.

Tutor for the After 3 Program for Chestnut Ridge School Craig Fry said he wants to ensure his students show what’s happening on the floor. Additionally, he wants all younger kids and high school students to understand that going straight into manufacturing is a great option.

“I would like them to see some of the on the floor. What’s actually happening here?” Fry said. “Just to give them an idea and to also see for the younger audience, the high school kids that are watching, that it’s a viable option.”

Advisor for the Hope for Hyndman Charter School Casey Shahlman said he wants his students to shoot at multiple angles knowing it creates a better product. He said it’s good to spotlight the work that goes into creating products that ship nationwide.

Sixth Grader at the Hyndman Charter School, Elisabeth Paugh, took pictures and video. She said the pictures serve as a good opportunity to transition between shots.

“My idea is to make it the best I can, and if there’s not any clean transitioning, then I’ll add something in there to make it more smooth,” Paugh said.

Eighth Grader and Producer from Chestnut Ridge Middle School Integra Griffith said they assigned roles as they learned about the project. She hopes that the footage they have has educational shots.

“What I’m hoping for is we have a lot of educational things. Even if we don’t win, even if it doesn’t work out, I want people to learn about manufacturing,” Griffith said. “Why it’s so cool? How the technology works and how amazing some of these people are.”

Both students are looking forward to cutting their projects and becoming storytellers. They hope to demonstrate the stories well and accurately explain the benefits and jobs in manufacturing.

Mission Critical Solutions is a metal fabrication plant that services numerous industries specializing in carbon steel, stainless steel, and specialty alloys. Vice President of Operations Darin Mauzy said they’re grateful to partner with the school in this opportunity.

Mauzy added it’s great the students can show dedicated and passionate workers of Bedford County manufacturing. It shows their artistry and how much that can grow in a company.

“There are so many opportunities in the trades, and whatever you love and, whatever, your passion is, you can find within the trade and make a great career, not just have a job,” Mauzy said. “That skill that we can help train in helps you manufacture and build something that help really major industries in the country.”

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Bedford Reinforced Plastics offers an extensive line of RFP products and services. They use a pultrusion process to form fiberglass-reinforced polymer into strong, lightweight profile that won’t corrode, rot, rust or warp. The Business Development Manager, Tom Wright, said these videos would help spotlight Bedford County’s great work environment and place to live.

“I think the whole thing is just to highlight Central PA, and to attract new people in and keep people here and for the employers to offer an opportunity for them to come to work,” Wright said.

The videos are expected to be fully completed by March 29th. Public Voting plans to be open from April 12th to 14th.