STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ)– Bruce Springsteen fans gathered at the Happy Valley Brewing Company before Saturday night’s concert to celebrate and raise some money for a good cause.

The “Spring-Nuts” Facebook group brought together fans from all across the country. Like Ryan Hilligoss, who traveled from Chicago to see the show at the Bryce Jordan Center.

“I’ve been to thirty-five shows roughly, I’ve actually been to six concerts on this tour alone,” Hilligoss said. “It’s just very healing. With everything that we’ve been through as a country, personally with COVID, national politics and everything, it’s just healing. Just to hear the music, see the music, to be there with a crowd.”

Through taking donations the group raised $600 for the State College Food Bank. Hilligoss said the community of fans means almost as much to him as the show itself.

“I would never have met them without Spring-Nuts, without Facebook, without Sirius radio,” said Hilligoss. “Again, the music just creates this incredible fan base, everybody is kind to each other, we’re all looking out for each other.”

Springsteen’s music has also helped to bring local couples together, like Gail and Scott Ulrich from Huntingdon.

“Actually, I was friends with his sister, and she told me about how he has gone to multiple Bruce Springsteen concerts, and I was a big Bruce Springsteen fan myself,” Gail said. “And when we finally met in person, it was instant.”

The two said that they can’t wait to go to more of Springsteen’s shows, and maybe even some more on this tour. They love his music so much that they even named their daughter after some of their favorite lyrics.

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“Our daughter’s name is Wendy, so Springsteen fans will know probably his biggest song Born To Run,” Scott said. “Wendy is the heroine in the song. And that’s why we chose Wendy as her name.”