The members of the Clearfield County Cancer Support, Inc. meet the third Monday of every month to talk about ways to help others.

“I don’t think you ever get over having cancer,” Sonya Greene, co-founder of the foundation, said. “It’s always in the back of your head.”

After her battle with stage 2 breast cancer, Sonya and her husband Mike wanted to give back. They started the foundation and brought along people like Kristin Duttry, who met Sonya during treatments.

“We were both starting about the same time,” Duttry told us. “I think she finished a few days before me, but we ended up becoming good friends and kept in touch.”

The foundation helps cancer patients in Clearfield County with everyday expenses like water bills, electric bills, groceries, rent, and gas to get to and from appointments.

“Our main goal is to help as many people as we can who are going through cancer treatment,” Mike Greene, co-founder of the foundation, said. “We help them pay their financial obligations so they can be focused on their own health and recovery.”

As of this month, Deb Simcox is cancer free and knows just how important that type of support can be.

“There’s so much cancer in Clearfield County and by no means enough help financially,” Simcox said. “It’s so important that as survivors we give other people fighting cancer the hope they need to get through it.”

The Clearfield County Cancer Support, Inc. raises money through donations and fundraisers. If you’d like to help you can learn more on their Facebook page.

You can also send donations to:

Clearfield County Cancer Support
610 Susquehanna Ave
Curwensville, PA 16833

The founders said they would like to eventually expand beyond Clearfield County.