HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — On October 19th, Michele Shovlin’s home exploded while she was inside. Shovlin survived the unimaginable and today she returned home to the open arms of her Huntingdon community.

Her family and the community members gathered to welcome her home with a car parade — welcome signs waving and horns honking.

She’s spent almost two months recovering in multiple specialty hospitals after her neighbor pulled her from the basement of her burning Highland Avenue home.

Her family says being reunited couldn’t come soon enough. They call her a “warrior” and a “superhero.”

Shovlin said she’s overcome with gratitude.

The first thing she did when she got back today was visit what little remains of her former home.

“The first thing I did today when I got back in to Huntingdon from rehab, I said, ‘Take me up to the house.’ And across the street there’s a man named John Eastman who pulled me out, and I had to see him. And I thanked him and I just said, ‘I wouldn’t be here if it wouldn’t be for you.’ You know, I owe him everything.”

Shovlin says she missed two holidays and her birthday, so what she’s looking forward to most is spending Christmas with her family.