Tonight the Clearfield and Philipsburg communities came together to help cancer patients with a wrestling event.

Philipsburg Osceola Middle School and High School wrestling teams took on Clearfield, to raise money for the Emily Whitehead Foundation.
Emily Whitehead is a Philipsburg cancer survivor, who was the first person in the world to receive t-cell therapy, which helps leukemia patients be in remission in 30 days, as opposed to years with chemo.
Emily’s mother Kari, says the two communities may be rivals when it comes to sports, but at the end of the day they’re happy to work together for a good cause.
“The support that we have from both communities has been overwhelming in the past couple of years and you know, we love this event, it’s really fun, we love to see everybody in the community come out for it and everybody has a really good time,” Kari Whitehead, Co-Founder for the Emily Whitehead Foundation, said.
The Emily Whitehead foundation helps cancer patients get t-cell therapy and also helps pay for traveling costs for the families of cancer patients.
They raised more than 10-thousand dollars at tonight’s event.
To learn more about the Emily Whitehead Foundation, you can go to: