SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)–Tall Pines Distillery on Mason Dixon Highway in Salisbury is expanding its production space to keep up with the high demand for its liquor products.

The distillery opened its doors six years ago in July. Owner Keith Welch didn’t believe that his business would grow to the extent it has. This expansion plans to triple the production capacity of its current facility.

Tall Pines Distillery primarily sells moonshine, whiskey, bourbon, and rum. They are in stores in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. Over the years, they’ve grown to produce dozens of flavors using crops from Pennsylvania farmers, mainly from Bedford County.

But they’re taking their products nationwide through securing a deal with Marriott, they are set to have their products be distributed in one of their hotels. In addition, they’re expanding to other parts of Pennsylvania, which Welch says is a great opportunity.

“We actually got a deal with Marriott Corporation, so our products will be available in their Renaissance Hotel, right downtown D.C,” Welch said. “So, that’s exciting to see that. We’re also expanding our product to Lancaster and a satellite location in Indian Lake, just outside Central City. So with all of those, we decided we need to expand.”

The expansion costs $100,000, and it’ll house a machine that can produce up to 400 gallons of moonshine. Welch said they plan to make it twice a month. The facility currently produces around 200 gallons a month. Ultimately, this will be five times its current monthly production.

Welch said this machine would be more efficient because of its automatic separation. He said they usually do all the separation of grain and liquid manually using a 55-gallon tank.

“We will have pipes with pumps that will automatically separate the liquid. We’ll have liquid separators to separate the grain and the liquid pump it directly into the steel,” Welch said. “So that’ll actually save a lot of time. It’ll be a lot more efficient.”

Welch said that selling moonshine is competitive, but it’s about staying on the cutting edge and continuing to sell. However, being able to expand nationwide is a potential they can’t ignore.

“I chase after additional sales and marketing being able to accomplish that. Also, a lot of them that are closing down cause they’re not doing that,” Welch said. “So, we’re doing our best to stay ahead of the curb and keep reaching out to new markets.”

Most of their liquors use corn, barley, or rye mash built they get from local farmers. Then, they use fresh fruits in their products that contain any fruit. Welch believes that farmers appreciate having their products be used and showcased nationwide.

“I think the farmers appreciate it, and we do,” Welch said. “We wouldn’t be in business without farmers. We need that farming industry in the area to produce what we need so we can produce our moonshine.”

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Welch hopes to be operational in October. They hope to create two new jobs and have additional flavors.