CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Happy Valley Restaurant Week is back for seven days of local flavor.

Happy Valley Restaurant Week (formerly known as Happy Valley Culinary Week) is a newly revamped effort to promote restaurants in Centre County. From June 20-26, about 20 eateries across Centre County are adding a special dish to their menu to wow eaters with creativity and bold flavors from Happy Valley’s top chefs.

The organizers said it’s a chance to explore the seasonal flavors of Happy Valley, fresh out of the kitchen.

“It’s very fun and very delicious,” Restaurant Week Organizer Maggie Anderson said. “It’s also a great way to support our local restaurants.”

To make the most out of the menus, Anderson suggested ordering different courses from different locations.

“Why not try an entrée at one place and a dessert at another,” said Anderson. “It’s a nice time to maybe try a place you haven’t been yet, or maybe go to a place that you haven’t been in a while.”

These restaurants are serving up specials such as the Angus burger from URBN Flavourhaus, a buffalo chicken flatbread from URBN Coffeehaus, State Burger Co.’s “Circus Freak” milkshake, and much more.

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A full list of what’s cookin’ in Centre County can be found here.