When you spend the night in a place as old as the Jean Bonnet tavern, you may often think oif these walls could talk.

But if you’re lucky, the ghosts just might tell you.

“The skeptics that come in here they’re like oh I’m not so sure it’s haunted,” Manager Tammy Kerr said. “But all of us have stories to tell.”

Kerr says people have reported paranormal activity in jut about every room in the building.

“There was a server who was going up the steps the one day, and as she was going up the steps she had something grab her ankle,” she said. “So it freaked her out a little bit, but you get used to it after a while. “

People from all over come to stay in the bed and breakfast hoping to get a glimpse of a ghost.

Kerr has had her fair share of interactions with one particular ghost.

“I named Lucy the ghost in room no. 3 Lucy, because I don’t know her name but the history of is that she was the mistress of a gentleman who was married,” Kerr said. “The wife was a little upset and so the wife had her hung in the facility and so her ghost roams.”

There are also stories of a ghost cat, a boy, and a man inside the tavern.

“You can hear footsteps up and down the hall way,” she said.

There are two queen beds, two bathrooms, and Lucy the ghost in room no. 3.

“People when they are a little more on the skeptical side when they come in here they tend to feel the energy and they get the goosebumps,” Kerr said. “We had a few people be scratched up here I say hey nonbelievers, maybe she wouldn’t scratch you if you believed in her.”

When breakfast is served each morning, Kerr says that people who spent the night tell each other their ghost stories from their stay., and just never know what might happen.

“Some people have some amazing stories and some people have absolutely no stories,” she said.