PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Believe it or not, some states aren’t turning to our guy Punxsutawney Phil for their weather predictions.

In Central Pennsylvania, we all know that Punxsutawney Phil is the “Seer of all Seers”. The “Weather Prophet Extraordinaire.” Despite that fact, other places across the country have their own prognosticators!

The job of weather predictor in Georgia is on the shoulders of Beau at the Dauset Trails Nature Center. Beau, a true southern gentleman, doesn’t aim to compete with the expert at Gobbler’s Knob.

Ike English, Director at the Dauset Trails Nature Center, explains, “People think we have this competition with Phil. If it weren’t for Phil, we wouldn’t have Beau. Period.”

As for Beau’s temperament, English described him as ornery. He detailed, “You know how you pick up Phil and show him around? We don’t do that. He’s a kind of… bitey.”

Despite that demeanor, Beau still retains that southern charm. English said of Beau, “I think he’s known to take a nip of bourbon, maybe a mint julep in the summertime. He’s just a great guy. A GREAT guy. Perfect gentleman.”

In Texas, they don’t turn to a groundhog at all! Their prognostications come from Bee Cave Bob, the armadillo.

Buffalo, New York has gone the groundhog route for the last nine years. His handlers apparently want all the smoke with our guy Phil. President of the Buffalo Groundhog Club Adam “Thundersnow” Hernandez said, “Buffalo Bert, he’s 100 percent accurate. The best accuracy rating of any groundhog. I know you want to disagree with that but unfortunately it’s the truth. Facts are facts!”

Bert emerges each year from a beer barrel on the Saturday before Groundhog Day at the Flying Bison Brewing Company. Hernandez described, “Saturday is a better day to party. Another thing we think maybe Punxsutawney doesn’t do so well, but whatever.”

While they are a truly misguided bunch there in Buffalo, their celebration with Bert goes to a great cause.

Hernandez explained, “We’ve raised $40,000 for local animals. So, we’re just trying to have fun and give back to a worthy cause.”

While many may try to climb out of the shadow of the one and only Punxsutawney Phil, there is only one true weather predicting king.