HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– The Pennsylvania Striped Bass Association is seeking help from the community in raising funds to stock more striped bass in Raystown Lake.

The Association started to preserve and restock striped bass in the area annually. They currently have over 200 members within their organization helping the mission.

Striped bass is considered one of the more challenging fish to catch. They primarily swim within the Atlantic Coast of the country, and the population is also heavy in the Raystown Lake area.

Member of the Association Colton Dinges said they must keep the fish up in the lake because of the many fishermen that travel to the area to . Then, they have to restock because they do not reproduce in the lake because of water quality.

“There are not many lakes around here that hold these fish. Raystown is Pennsylvania’s largest inland body of water, and it attracts fish from multiple states all over,” Dinges said. “The fish grow large, excellent for eating, and they produce a good fight when you hook one. So, that’s why it’s important to keep the fishery up.”

The association started a Go Fund Me page to help with the restocking. Dinges said that they hope to raise between $10,000 to $15,000. The stock they currently buy costs between $0.80 and $0.87.

Member Nelson Wert said they look to stock the lake with bass that measures around seven to eight inches. Wert said that more extended bass survives better in the waters than bass that measures around four inches. Wert noted how they could get more bass that was longer this year, which is beneficial to the fisher people.

“Our goal in raising funds is to purchase and stock these larger fish as an opportunity for us to provide fish that have a much higher chance of survival for everyone,” Wert said.

Wert said these fish are in higher demand because more people are fishing for them. Both members said these fish are one of the more challenging but satisfying fish to catch. That’s because of the fish’s ability to fight hard. Both the locals are appreciative of the efforts that the organization makes to restock the fish.

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“The average striped bass fisherman that fish the lake all the time is happy to see the club help out and get fish in the lake to keep the fishery up,” Dinges said. “They aren’t the easiest to catch, and the more fish out there, the better. So most locals agree and help out.”

See their Go Fund Me page here.