Should guns be allowed in the classroom? That’s the question that a Pennsylvania Senate Bill is asking.

The bill passed the Senate and is currently being considered by the House Education Committee. 

If the bill passes, school districts could allow qualified teachers or staff members carry a concealed firearm with a permit, while at the school. To qualify to carry a gun, teachers would have to pass safety and psychological tests first. 

Wednesday, Senator John Eichelberger spoke about Senate Bill 383 at an active shooter drill in Blair County. 

Eichelberger believes that just the knowledge that a school is armed could deter would-be attackers. He added that because of how quickly those situations play out, having an armed staff member could put an end to the attack sooner. 

The Pennsylvania State Education Association opposes arming teachers and staff. Governor Tom Wolf says that he would veto the controversial bill if it were to pass.