BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — On Tuesday, Aug. 2 “National Night Out Against Crime” events were held across the country and region to strengthen the bond between citizens and the police department.

The Tyrone Police Department held their “Night Out” on Wednesday, Aug. 3, and invited the community to join them for a night of both education and fun at the Tyrone Swimming Pool.

Attendees could come free of charge and enjoy the pool. Plus, food, snow cones, and ice cream were available.

In addition to the police department, the Neptune Fire Company, Hookies Fire Company, and Altoona Emergency Medical Department (AMED) were set up with informational booths.

“Kids that we teach today to do hands-only CPR, that we teach to use a tourniquet, may end up using that skill sometime in the future to save a loved one and really that’s very important,” Austin Lynn, district chief for AMED Ambulance said.

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Lynn said it was an opportunity to show the community that law enforcement members are also residents who are here to help.

“It’s obviously a very stressful situation calling 9-1-1,” Lynn said. “To have people that they can rely on, that they feel like they know, strangers that are going to come into their home, but they feel like they can trust is very important.”