TYRONE, Pa. (WTAJ)–The Tyrone Borough Council heard public comments at their monthly meeting Monday evening that raised concerns over crowd control in emergency situations.

The comment was made by Earl Brandt, a Tyrone resident who lives near Pennsylvania Avenue, where a fire destroyed an apartment building in July and a natural gas explosion shook the community last year across the street.

“When you notice that there is kids on the back bumpers of the firetrucks while these things are going on,” says Brandt. “People running around, cutting the firemen off while they’re trying to drag hoses and stuff to the fire, they’re just creating more problems.”

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Unfortunately, the council says that these are hard events to regulate crowd control because the very officials that they would need for enforcement are often dealing with the emergencies.

“There was people walking around in bare feet walking across glass. There’s nails and glass the whole way down through the Subway parking lot. Now, if anybody that has half of a brain sees that, they’d know let these people do their jobs,” says Brandt.

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Tyrone Mayor William Latchford says that while not much can be done, their message to the public in emergency situations is to stay out of the way, and most importantly, stay safe.

“And I’ve said this at some of the situations,” says Latchford. “Please be courteous to our firefighters. They’re our first responders and they are there to protect us. But at the moment they’re trying to protect someone else’s property and lives. So please don’t get in their way so they have to worry about your life also.”