CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Last fall it was announced that Sandy Township and the city of DuBois were considering merging together as one.

A year later there are still bumps in the road. Several Sandy Township supervisors have become unhappy in the last month with some decisions being made. The decision to add a transition committee, which supervisors believe was done in secret, has added to those unhappy feelings.

“And when we voted on it we thought she was doing due diligence for the community as a whole. After that, we left we had a discussion with a couple of our supervisors that said there was a secret meeting beforehand and all this was played out and they had everything written down and we didn’t know. And we said wait a minute we had no knowledge of this and we’ve been trying to keep this open as a 10-member committee for the whole of the community,” Chairman of the Sandy Township Board Bill Beers said.

DuBois City Manager John “Herm” Sulpizio denied the knowledge of secret meetings and is instead focusing on the positive side.

“Again I’m taking the positive road and some people like to take the negative role and I didn’t see it and I still don’t see it, I think I’m proud right now to say that there were those 12 issues brought to us for consulting and we agreed on 11 of them. I’ll take that all day long,” Sulpizio said.  

In November, residents were able to vote on the merger, which passed with 57.3% of the total votes. Now Sandy Township supervisors are looking for open dialogue and teamwork. 

“And really just focused on how we can work together now to better the community that’s really the objects we’re working on,” Shawn Arbaugh Sandy Township Manager said.

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“I just want to say it looks like there are a lot of sour grapes right now but the thing is we’re trying to make a community stronger for the future of the children of this area to keep them here and not drive them away. So that’s why we want to do it right the first time and not have to go back in 10 years and try to redo it again,” Beers said.