CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – An Iraq war veteran is on an incredible journey and he’s just passed through Cambria County.

His mission is to walk the entire 1,300 miles of the September 11th National Memorial Trail. The trail goes through the 9-11 memorial in Shanksville, Manhattan and the Pentagon.

Keven Wilson is taking this journey one step at a time. His trip started at the Pentagon on Wednesday, Aug. 24 with his guide dog, Calvin. On Thursday, Sept. 15 he arrived in Portage, Cambria County.

Wilson is making the journey as part of a pilot program for Warrior Expeditions. Warrior Expeditions is an organization that helps veterans transition to civilian life. Offering them long-distance outdoor therapy.

“It was pretty flat ground, it was a different starter point, then we got to Pennsylvania and I haven’t found flat ground yet, but it’s been an awesome trip the whole way,” Wilson said. “Up, down, left, right, the whole 9 yards of it. Everyone I meet has been very kind and supportive the whole way, so it’s been an amazing trek. Very memorable, and to see all the families, and to see the ceremonies going on September 11th, at flight 93, I’ve never seen the grounds before so it was a pretty special event.”

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Kevin’s inspiring journey is scheduled to finish back in D.C. by Tuesday, November 15.