For more than 90 years, the Pennsylvania National Guard’s 28th division has stood on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg to honor veterans.

“It’s a great group of people. It’s nice to visit with other veterans and active duty people,” Air Force Veteran, 1956-1960, Darryl Brown said.

“When the Guard would get together and remember the service and sacrifice of those who have been lost to conflicts. It began at the conclusion of WWI and it’s continued on,” Museum Educator Joe Horvath said.

The 28th Infantry Division is the oldest division in all of the armed forces, and it’s celebrating a piece of its own history this month.

“This year marks the 100th anniversary when combat troops from Pennsylvania, the 28th Division, embarked overseas to France to fight in the Great War on the Western Front,” Horvath said.

The Celebration of Service was filled with presentations and military equipment. Those who served say it’s a great way for children to learn.

“It’s up to their parents to make sure that they get educated on our history and our legacy,” Brown said. said

“They don’t teach a lot of the history that we went through. And they can come up here and ask us questions, and we can answer some that’s not in the history books,” Korean War Navy Veteran Duane Myers said.

But most of all, it’s so they don’t forget the sacrifices made to make America what it is today.