CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A fruit farm in Centre County is looking to open up in the near future to allow guests to pick their own strawberries.

The Way Fruit Farm in Port Matilda is looking to let people pick strawberries in the coming weeks. The farm has been dealing with colder weather recently, slowing down the growing process.

Co-owner Jason Coopey said they’ve been treating the plants extensively to make sure they’ll be healthy for the season.

“I’ve run it now three or four nights in the last 10 days, and the one day it got down to 27 degrees out here. That was the one where we had a freeze warning about a week ago. But even last night I had 31 degrees here in the fields and so we were sprinkling from 3:30 on last night again,” Coopey said. “It’s just been a wild and crazy year but I’m glad that we irrigated. I’m glad that we saved them otherwise we wouldn’t have any for u-pick.”

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Coopey added he hopes they will be ready in the next two weeks if the weather cooperates.