(WTAJ) — What were those lights in the sky Wednesday night?

No, it’s not aliens, sorry. The answer is actually the planets Venus and Jupiter. The two have been dancing in the night sky for about a week and came to their closest point together on Wednesday, March 1.

Venus and Jupiter hanging out above Benzel’s factory in Altoona, Pa. Wednesday, March 1st.
Photo Courtesy Of Chrissy Souders

While the two planets appeared to “kiss,” our eyes continued to fall for the magical illusions of space. The two, still millions of miles apart from each other, lit up the night sky just after sunset only to vanish behind clouds coming into Central Pennsylvania, before dipping below the horizon.

This was the closest the two would appear in the sky in 2023, although, depending on the cloud coverage, you could see them Thursday night too, and the rest of the week. Jupiter will remain in the sky through most of March.

It was a dazzling sight just after sunset on Wednesday as Venus, the brightest planet in our sky, joined up with Jupiter, the second brightest in our sky.

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To see a precise view from your location, you can try the free online planetarium program at Stellarium-web.org.