SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Windber man faces charges following a report claiming there were two small children playing on the street asking for their dad who was nowhere to be found.

On Aug. 28, Windber police showed up at the 1200 block of 3rd Street in Windber to check on the children, and when they arrived, they heard them crying and yelling in their house, according to charges filed.

Police noted a boy answered the door and told officers he didn’t know where his dad, 30-year-old Jessie Weimer, was at and they were home alone.

The boy said his dad mentioned he was going to get oil for his truck, and that he’d be right back. The boy also mentioned to police that Weimer frequently left them home alone.

Police reported they asked the boy if there was a number laying around so they could contact his dad, and the boy said he’d be right back.

Five minutes later, rather than finding a number, police said the boy brought out two clear glass smoking pipes and said his dad keeps them in his game room.

For the next two hours, police tried to get in contact with a parent. Eventually, Weimer returned.

Weimer said to police that the kids were old enough to stay home by themselves. He also said he hasn’t smoked in a year, and he forgot the pipes were in the house, the affidavit noted.

Furthermore, he claimed that he leaves the kids at home every time he drives his girlfriend to work.

The officer got in contact with the mother of the kids, and she came and picked them up.

Weimer was arraigned Wednesday, Oct. 13, on two counts of endangering the welfare of children as well as disorderly conduct.

An unsecured bail of $25,000 was set, and his preliminary hearing is slated for Jan. 12, 2022.

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