CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Picture this: you’re sitting in the woods alone after just getting your first white-tail. You’re excited, your heart is already racing and then out of nowhere a black bear shows up intent on making your buck its lunch.

Well, for one woman in Clearfield County, she had that very experience, with not one… but four bears. La Jose native Jordan Zabinski went hunting for the first time over the Thanksgiving weekend, expecting to shoot her first buck.

“I was so terrified of a bear, and my husband was like, ‘I’ve never seen a bear except for this one time,’ he said, ‘don’t worry, you’re not gonna see one,’” Jordan Zabinkski said.

But what she didn’t expect, was that after she knocked it down, she found out she wasn’t alone.

“I hear like, crunching. And I’m like ‘there’s a deer, there’s a deer!” she said. But it wasn’t another deer, Her biggest fear had come true. She was staring at four black bears. “And then right behind it comes three, and I’m like ‘okay, now there are four bears.’”

After multiple unanswered texts and calls to her husband, who was helping her brother load a deer he had killed, she started to worry.

“At first I was really quiet, but then I really started to freak out,” Zabinski said. After finally getting a hold of her husband, she had to wait about 30 more minutes, so she tried to keep as quiet as possible. “It’s been a while now and no one’s coming. What if they don’t to get me in time?”

Once her husband and brother arrived, they scared the bears away. And they only got away with the tail of the deer.

While terrifying, Jordan said she’ll carry what she learned from the experience with her moving forward. She even went hunting again the following day and did not encounter any more bears.

“Now I know that if I just yelled they are going to run because that’s all they did was just come up and yell.”

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