BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A local elementary school is using positive reinforcement to encourage the best behavior from students during these uncertain times.

Northern Bedford County Elementary School is pulling along a woot woot wagon to help keep kids focused.

The school fills this wagon with snacks and will make its way to classrooms once a month.

Students who earn paws tickets can cash them in when the wagon comes around.

The school sets expectations kids should meet to receive these paws ticket, such as following directions, walking in a straight line, or showing kindness to others.

The Northern Bedford County Elementary School Counselor, Lewis Elias, said he noticed a better learning environment since the woot woot wagon launched two weeks ago.

“I think it just brings a positive environment during this time, it’s a struggle for the kids to come in here and stay focused with the coronavirus, but having something to look forward to throughout the day really helps,” Elias said.

The school said discipline referrals have gone down since the wagon began.

Wally said the woot woot wagon will operate all year long.