(WTAJ) — Members of the Pennsylvania State Police Troop A (Cambria, Somerset, Westmoreland and Indiana County) will participate in the “6-State Trooper Project” starting Monday, July, 19 and ending Saturday, July 24.

Troopers will be enforcing a “zero tolerance” enforcement approach for drivers who fails to follow the Move Over Law. This law requires that all vehicles approaching an emergency response area pass in a lane not adjacent to the area. If passing in a safe manner is not possible, drivers are asked to pass at a speed no more than 20 miles per hour.

In an ongoing effort to prevent crashes and save lives, troopers will also be watching for distracted, aggressive and intoxicated drivers. Troop A will be enforcing the following Vehicle Code violations:

  • Title 75, Section 1621 – Texting While Driving
  • Title 75, Section 1622 – Handheld Mobile Telephone
  • Title 75, Section 3314 – Prohibiting Use of Hearing Impairment Devices
  • Title 75, Section 3316 – Prohibiting Text-based Communications
  • Title 75, Section 3714 – Careless Driving
  • Title 75, Section 3736 – Reckless Driving
  • Title 75, Section 4527 – Image Display Device

The “6-State Trooper Project” is in collaboration with Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia.

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