A new unique display in combining nature with technology, to help people understand the lives of ants.

Zombie Ants are a species of ant that frequently becomes infect by a fungus, that takes over their minds, forces them to leave their homes and spread that fungus to other ants.

An expert on those insects teamed up with a local artist to create and augmented reality display, that uses iPads with a specially constructed wall to give folks an inside look at the life cycle of those ants.

The creators of that display say it’s a powerful tool that helps make complicated science accessible to everyone.

“The research is important because what it does is pulls together the world of science and the world of art, and it creates an accessible, and attractive experience for a wide audience,” Design visualization specialist Daryl Branford said.

You can visit that augmented reality experience at the Millennium Science Complex on Penn State’s University Park campus until September. After that it will be shipped out to museums across the country.