A major step in Pennsylvania took place Wednesday as the House passed a bill legalizing medical marijuana. 

House members voted 149 to 46 after hearing some of Senate’s amendments beforehand. 

With the overwhelming support from lawmakers, locals are sharing their reaction. 

“I’m just very grateful that many people in Pennsylvania now will have the benefit of a pain-free life,” Rev. Dr. Gabriele Parks said. 

The pastor of State College’s Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church said she became part of a group of clergy members who promote the use of medical marijuana. 

She said she’s seen the positive effects it has made in the lives of sick members in her congregation with illnesses such as cancer and neuropathy. 

There are also those who are opposed. 

Judy Rosser from Blair County Drug and Alcohol Partnerships is skeptical about medical marijuana’s effectiveness. 

“All your major medical associations have indicated that they do not support it,” she said. “In fact, the Federal Drug Administration, needs to continue with clinical trials.” 

So far, 23 states, including the District of Columbia have already made medical marijuana legal. 

Legislation in Pennsylvania is likely to take effect in about a month. 

The bill is awaiting a signature from Gov. Tom Wolf.