Some people along the Clearfield/Cambria County line heard loud booms over the weekend.

Our newsroom has been getting reports of loud noises in the Coalport area and we went to see who heard them and what they sounded like.

“I just heard loud booms coming from various places and I didn’t know if somebody was coal mining, an explosion or what it was,” says resident John Dreese.

Over the past few days, several people we spoke to in Coalport say they’ve heard booms.

“I looked at the clock. It was 3 in the morning when it boomed,” says resident Terry Swasing.

“The night before, I heard like one loud boom around 10 p.m. and it sat me up straight in bed,” says resident Alicia Brink.

We asked residents to describe what it sounded like.

“Just like dynamite going off,” says Swasing.

“It just sounded like an explosion, not really like thunder at all,” says resident Kayla Srock.

“It was just like one or two and that’s it,” says Dreese.

“It sounded like a like a M-80 or something like that, but it shook the houses around here, but where I live, I just heard the loud noise,” says resident Diane Hutton.

“It actually sounded like loud explosions or thunder,” says borough councilman and public awareness committee chairman Bill Washell.

Washell says he checked on the U.S. Geological Survey website, and couldn’t find any earthquake activity listed, and he’s not aware of any mining, blasting, or fracking in the immediate area.

“We’d just kind of like to know what was going on because it is a small quiet town and when you do hear stuff going on like that, it kind of gets people wondering,” says Washell.

Srock says she posted on Facebook to see where her friends heard the noise.

“I just put it out there because my mom had said about it on Friday around the same time, so I asked if anyone heard it because it woke my dog up and everything and people from Blandburg, Flinton, Glendale Yearound, the whole way to Westover and Glen Hope heard it,” says Srock.

“We had two back-to-back on Friday and then there was a couple on Saturday say around 9 p.m. and another one around 11 p.m.,” says Washell. “It didn’t shake here, but I did hear people tell me and call me that it shook their house, rattled their windows, moved the pictures on the walls.”

We did check with Clearfield and Cambria County 9-1-1, but they hadn’t heard of any calls about the noises. For now, it remains a mystery.