Maddie Shura is a seven-year-old girl from Bellwood who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last month.
On Sunday night, more than 500 friends and family members gathered to share their love at Maddie’s prom.  Music, food, dancing: all what you would expect to see at a high school prom.  But Sunday night’s event was special.
Kelly Shura said, “It’s amazing, it’s overwhelming, there’s so much support, there are so many people here that love her.”  Kelly’s daughter Maddie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor on May 25th.  Since then, this prom has given her something to be excited about while she’s facing so many challenges. 
Maddie was hoping to see 1,000 people at her prom, but the Bavarian Hall in Altoona reached it’s capacity at 518 people.  The crowd was mostly friends and family members who showed up in their suits and gowns.
Jennifer Sloss, who organized the prom, said, “Just shows them the support that they have.”
All of the money raised on Sunday will go toward Maddie’s medical expenses.  She is currently undergoing radiation therapy at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.
“I hope that there’s awareness raised about childhood cancer, about brain cancer.  Maybe some funding for DIPG because it’s grossly underfunded,” said Shura.
Maddie’s doctors said this tumor is aggressive.  But she’s not fighting by herself.
“Its just a matter of what people can do when they just work together.  I think that’s most important,” said Sloss.