JOHNSTOWN – After the tragic accident that killed West End paramedic Janice Keen Livingston, groups of first responders decided to build a memorial.  The idea started as a statue, but then grew into a memorial park.

Director of the West End Ambulance Station, Ira Hart, says his idea was to make something good out of a terrible situation. 

The park will be located about a block away from the West End Ambulance Station.

It will honor all three public safety agencies, police, fire, and EMS.  Organizers say there are many people in the community who have dedicated years to these services and they want them to be recognized.

Erin Kabler is an organizer for the park.  He says he believes that this will be one of the first parks built that honors these heroes.

“Our mission whether police, fire, or EMS is saving lives.  We always come together when there’s any type of emergency.  We always work very well together in this community, so we thought it was important to do something for all of us, not just one entity.”

Hart says he is humbled by the support to remember Janice.  Now the community can remember all of their fallen heroes.

It will take at least two years to build the memorial park.

If you would like to get involved you can donate to the fund on the Community Foundation website.  There will also be fundraisers coming up in the next few months.