(WTAJ) — Summer is officially over and that means one thing — the fall season is starting and that includes some of your favorite TV shows.

Television studios bank on two big things, spring and fall. Oftentimes, you’ll see reruns all summer as they know people are enjoying the season out and about, but as the weather changes and temps get cooler, more people get cozy on the couch.

It’s a tried and true method and September/October sees premiers of not only new shows but some of our favorite shows with new seasons, and that includes even more of Chef Gordon Ramsey.

A number of shows have already premiered on network TV, including Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, which returned on Sept. 25 after a nearly 10-year hiatus. It started in 2007 and Ramsey announced he was done with the series in 2014.

Speaking of Chef Ramsey, a brand new season of Hell’s Kitchen is set to debut on Thursday, Sept. 28, and will run weekly with episodes hitting Hulu on Fridays.

While people love Chef Ramsey, there are so many more shows set to air a new season in the next month or so.

Here’s a quick list of some of the more popular shows:


American Dad! Season 18 hit TBS on Sept. 4.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon hit TV on Sunday, Sept. 10.

The sleeper hit Welcome to Wrexham started season 2 on FX on Sept. 12

A favorite for many, The Voice, started season 24 on Sept. 25

The Masked Singer hit an impressive 10-season mark with new episodes starting Sept. 27.

Thursday, Sept. 28, will be a tough choice. The Golden Bachelor premiers while Bachelor in Paradise enters season 9 right after. Hell’s Kitchen season 22 will debut followed by season 4 of LEGO Masters.


FOX is kicking off Sunday, Oct. 1 with some animation domination. The Simpsons will start a remarkable 35th season followed by the debut of Krapopolis and then season 14 of Bob’s Burgers followed by Season 22 of Family Guy.

FBI True will make its premiere on Oct. 3 along with season three of the USA/Syfy hit Chucky, based on the Child’s Play films.

On Oct. 4, Magnum P.I. returns from hiatus for season 5 while season 2 of the new Quantum Leap will hit TV screens.

While it won’t be on TV, the highly anticipated season 2 of Loki will hit Disney+ with weekly episodes on Friday, Oct. 6.

Fans of Better Call Saul might want to tune in on Oct. 11 for the debut of Cooper’s Bar, starring Rhea Seehorn — Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul.

Cult classic animated series Rick and Morty will kick off season 7 on Adult Swim Oct. 15.

Penn and Teller: Fool Us will ask magicians to try and get one over on them for a 10th season starting Oct. 20


Seal Team season 5 will hit CBS on Nov. 3, along with season 6 of The Wall on NBC

Whose Line is it Anyway? returns Nov. 14 for a load of laughs.

Also not on TV, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, an animated series based on the 2010 hit film, which was based on a graphic novel, hits Netflix Nov. 17.

Fargo hits with season 5 on FX on Tuesday, Nov. 21

Streaming Nov. 22 will see a spin-off of Squid Game with Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix and the highly anticipated film Good Burger 2 on Paramount+.

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