(WTAJ) — Do you use Zoom? Have you made an account through their site? If you answered ‘yes’ to either, you may be eligible to join in on a class action settlement the company has agreed to payout.

Check your email, you may have gotten something from “NoReply@ZoomMeetingsClassAction.com” and likely just scrolled right past it, or even deleted it. You could be leaving $15, $25, or more in free money on the table if you don’t file a claim if you’re eligible.

Yahoo News reports that the email is real — and legitimate. ZoomMeetingsClassAction.com provides a simple form that you will have to fill out and submit in order to receive your share in the settlement over Zoom’s security and privacy.

According to the form, you’re considered eligible if you “registered, used, opened, or downloaded the Zoom Meetings Application” between March 30, 2016, and July 30, 2021, via their website and/or smartphone app.

The settlement comes as a result of an $85 million class-action suit surrounding claims of improperly sharing users’ personal information and having lax security protocols — all allegations that Zoom denies.

The catch: Zoom stated that the payout amounts could be reduced based on the number of valid claims.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Claim Funds?

If you purchased a subscription to Zoom Meetings between March 30, 2016, and July 30, 2021, you can file a claim for $25 or 15% of the money you spent for your core subscription — whichever is greater. If you did not subscribe to Zoom but used, opened, or downloaded the app during that same time frame, you could receive $15 as part of the settlement.

How Do You Make a Claim?

If you have a Zoom subscription, you’ll need the claim number (included on the email that was sent) or the email address you used for your Zoom subscription. Once you have that information in hand, click “Start Your Claim.” The entire process takes less than 30 seconds.

To claim your stake in the class-action suit, visit https://www.zoommeetingsclassaction.com/Home/SubmitClaim.

The deadline to submit your claim form is March 5, 2022.

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