(WTAJ) — WWE Superstar, and a father outside of the ring, Randy Orton was quick to help a child stuck between the crowd and guardrail when the company went to the United Kingdom on a recent tour.

A video has been going around on social media showing Orton coming to the ring in Birmingham, England where fans crowded and pushed up to the barrier to get a glimpse and a fist bump from the 14-time world champion.

What seemed like a normal entrance for one half of the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, was caught on camera moments before he saw a child pressed up against the crowd barrier. Orton, a father himself, wasn’t shy to get people to back off.

As fans kept trying to get a fist bump from The Viper, he dropped his title belt then motioned to push people back away from the kid as he put his arms around them and checked to make sure they were ok. You can see the video below.

Orton, not looking amused at all with the fans around the child, possibly saved their life, or prevented a serious injury. The show then carried on as Orton, The Legend Killer turned Legend, teamed with his partner, Matt Riddle as team RKBro, to entertain the fans.

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