(WTAJ) — Bad break up? Wishing you could get a little revenge without the guilt? How about feeding that ex-partner to a Komodo Dragon on Valentine’s day complete with a customized video?

While you can’t feed an actual human to the animals, the Virginia Aquarium and Science Center will feed their animals, such as the Komodo Dragon, with an option of delicacies named after your ex-paramour.

For a donation as little as $5, you can name a cricket to feed to a toad or a worm to a mud turtle for only $50. We know you want to know about that dragon! Well, you can feed it a rat named after your ex for only a $25 donation to the center!

You can find the full ‘menu’ and list of prices by clicking here.

The aquarium said they’ll even offer personalized videos that you can send to the ex, but you have to act fast — there are less than 50 available to buy as of this writing.

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Proceeds from this event are said to go towards the aquarium’s mission to “help care for thousands of animals, provide educational offerings to visitors, offer outreach programs to schools, conduct research, and conservation activities, and operate our nationally recognized Stranding Response Program.”