The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture launched a new app, Wednesday, to help you go to restaurants, without the fear of getting food-poisoning.

Ever been to a restaurant in Pennsylvania and thought, “I wonder if there’s any health violations here?” Well, now there’s an app for that.

Penn State students Lauren Edwards and Nora Burke come to Sowers Harvest Cafe in State College as much as they can.

“This place is literally so clean and well put together,” Edwards, said.

They say not every place to eat has the same health practices.

“Sometimes you feel like it’s not very clean and regulated,” Burke, said.

Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture launched their new “Eatsafepa” app.

This free app will allow you to view the date of the most recent inspection of a restaurant and the reason for the inspection.

It’ll also show health violations that could lead to a foodborne illness.

“That’s the reason for this app, as we all know, there’s been issues in the food industry where best practices weren’t being followed and sadly people suffered horrendous consequences from that,” Bryant Martin, Owner of Sowers Harvest Café, said.

Bryant Martin, Owner of Harvest Sowers Cafe, says this app will help people know if their food is being grown locally, and also answer other questions.

“As a cafe owner, being part in the food industry, I think it’s an excellent idea to give people more information where they can educate themselves and determine where do I want to go?” Martin, said. “I want to eat at a safe place, a place that cares about their food.”

“Eatsafepa” also has a map of all restaurants in the state, something you can’t find on the Department of Agriculture’s website.

“Cause’ then it will be just be easy to get to and then you know where you are and where these restaurants are, definitely a good feature,” Edwards, said.

The app is good, not just for restaurants in the state, but also for food trucks and food stands.

To find out more about “eatsafepa”, you can go to: