(WTAJ) — The National Park Service (NPS) took to Twitter with some sound advice as spring is around the corner and they don’t want people pushing a “slower friend” in hopes they can get away from any bears.

“If you come across a bear, never push a slower friend down…even if you feel the friendship has run its course⁣,” the service tweeted out. In typical social media fashion, there was no shortage of comments.

“What if you are the slower friend,” one Twitter user asked. The NPS didn’t mince words with their reply.

“Check in on the friendship before you head out to the woods.”

NPS on Twitter

Not to leave followers hanging, the NPS did respond with what you should do if you encounter a bear while outdoors.

If you happen to come across a bear, don’t act surprised and just remain calm. Travel/hike in groups, pick up your children, make yourself appear bigger, and “DON’T RUN” are among the top of their suggestions.

While they say attacks are rare, they do happen. In the event of being attacked by a grizzly bear, they advise playing dead — HOWEVER — in the event of a black bear attack, you should try to get away and/or fight back by hitting the bear with anything you can in the muzzle/nose area.

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The NPS also urges all park visitors to avoid any bears with cubs and not come between the cubs and their mother.

You can read more helpful tips and suggestions before heading out on a hike by clicking here.