CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — 16 years ago today, the former Centre County District Attorney vanished without a trace. What happed to Ray Gricar still remains a mystery, but a new true crime podcast, Final Argument, breaks down what may have happened.

Reporter Rebecca Knight said she had access to the entire Gricar case file and will be sharing her collection of findings in the series.

Knight lived in Centre County for 10 years and grew up in the Susquehanna Valley, near where Gricar disappeared. Those roots had her hooked on the case.

“How does this happen, how does anyone vanish without a trace, let alone a District Attorney, and it just didn’t seem right to me, so I decided to start digging,” said Knight.

Her digging led her to a rare opportunity to view Gricar’s case files in their entirety. So, how did she get access?

“Well, I really can’t say too much about that because, you know, as a reporter I’m protecting my sources,” said Knight.

She said she was ultimately given 48 hours to view the case files, and she used that time to make a copy of it. It contains police reports, witness sightings, forensic reports, communication records, and more.

“It’s huge, the case file, there’s thousands of pages, it took me quite a long time to go through them, but as I did, a picture began to emerge,” said Knight.

Listeners can access parts of the file through a one-time payment that supports the recording of the podcast and the National Center for Victims of Crime. Knight says the donation honors Gricar’s commitment to his work.

“Mr. Gricar was very, very involved with families of victims that he represented,” said Knight.

In the podcast, Knight said the police were reluctant to consider foul play, and instead focused on the possibilities of Gricar running away with a woman, committing suicide, or taking on a new identity.

“I’m going to show you new evidence that flies in the face of that,” said Knight in Final Argument, Episode 1.

The episodes are available on their website and podcast streaming platforms.

As of today, State Police report there are no new leads in Gricar’s disappearance.

“Any lead that we get we follow up on and take very seriously, so if anybody calls with any information it’s something that we obviously take in a very serious manner,” said Trooper Christopher Fox.

The investigation remains ongoing.

“If anybody has more information we ask that they contact State Police Hollidaysburg and get in touch with Trooper Martini,” said Trooper Fox.