As concerns over Zika continue to grow nationally and globally, a team of Penn State scientists have set out to learn more about transmission of the virus. 

Tests are underway in a laboratory at the Millennium Sciences Complex, where researchers are examining different mosquito species capable of carrying the virus. 

A $432,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health is helping fund the project. 

The grant is one of two in the country for this type of research. 

“We’ve know about [Zika] for about 50 or 60 years, it’s really never caused any major problems,” Jason Rasgon, a associate professor of entomology said. 

Rasgon predicts the research to take about two years to complete. 

Rasgon said major outbreaks of Zika broke out last year in places like Brazil. 

Other experts advise people who visit areas where Zika is prevalent to be cautious. 

“Obvious things like the clothing that you wear, the use of DEET products,” Matt Milliron from the Centre County Planning & Community Development said. 

No cases of Zika have been reported in Pennsylvania. 

At the moment, there’s no vaccine licensed for treatment of the virus. 

Experts encourage people to avoid mosquito bites to prevent getting the virus.