The topic of gun violence took center stage Thursday at a town hall meeting on Penn State’s campus. 

WPSU, the PBS-affiliate at Penn State, held a panel including former law enforcement officers. 

One of the officers, William ‘Dub’ Lawrence, was invited to share his experience. 

Lawrence founded the first-ever SWAT team in a rural county in Utah back in the 1970s. 

That same SWAT team ended up killing his son-in-law, inspiring him to uncover the truth after being led to believe he committed suicide. 

Lawrence was featured in the award-winning documentary ‘Peace Officers,’ where he discusses this matter. 

Shootings involving officers and civilians are a problem, according to Lawrence, and he believes we should be working towards reducing the number of fatalities and injuries on both sides. 

“We need to look more closely at some of the laws that we’ve passed,” he said. “Immunity, we need more transparency because if the public doesn’t know the truth, there’s always reasons to put out spins or misrepresentations.” 

Another former officer who spoke on the panel said between $30,000-$60,000 is being invested in officer trainings in Centre County.