BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Lobster mac and cheese, pulled pork tacos, and buffalo bites, are just some of the items on the menu at Rebelz. But on Wednesday, Sept. 14, the food truck was also able to dish up some kindness, all thanks to a Good Samaritan.

“Wednesday night, late at night we did a 10 – 2 for the UPMC Altoona third shift, because not a lot of people feed them because their cafeteria shuts down at like 11 I think at night. So they either have to walk to Sheetz to get food, or if they don’t bring a lunch, they just have to wait until they get home to eat,” Chef Karley Miller said.

Karley’s dad, Adam Miller, says dinner rush was just starting pick up, when a couple pulled him to the side.

“This gentleman and a lady together…he gave me $300 and said let’s take care of these nurses….I’m like okay! Let’s do this!”

When Karley heard about the random act of kindness she says she was speechless and thought there must have been a mistake.

“I thought, is like one person on one floor paying for the entire department? Did a customer lose their wallet?”

Karley says once she realized that someone simply wanted to do good for someone else, she says she was overwhelmed with joy.

It was just absolutely amazing, you hear so much about what horrible things are going on in life right now, that people overlook how awesome individuals are in society.”

The food truck line was growing quickly, so Karley began running up the tab, telling each nurse that their food was free.

Karley says the nurses were in shock and asked who the Good Samaritan was, so they could say thank you. Karley could only shrug her shoulders and say she didn’t know herself, although, she has her suspicions.

“I saw a guy with a hat, and he was standing there a suspiciously long time… and visiting hours were over so I think it was him,” Karley added.

Karley says she wants to thank the “man in the hat” for causing what she calls, a chain reaction of happiness.

Her dad agrees, saying the impact the couple made that night was huge.

“They were so sweet and they kind of just stood back in the background and didn’t want credit for it. They were just watching people get their food for a little bit and then left,” Adam said.

The act of kindness didn’t end there. Adam says when the $300 ran out, they matched it, continuing to feed hospital staff for free.

“It just ramped us up the whole night, I mean we were racked!” Adam added.

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UPMC Altoona says their nursing team is grateful for the act of kindness and community support.