WASHINGTON (WTAJ) — Congressman Fred Keller (PA-12) introduced legislation that will connect workers displaced during the COVID-19 pandemic to in-demand careers.

The Strengthening Knowledge, Improving Learning, and Livelihoods (SKILLS) Act will work with employees in industries that were hit hard during the pandemic, such as retail and hospitality. The act will connect these workers to jobs where the workforce is in high demand, such as long-term care.

“This pandemic has had a profound impact on America’s workforce and industries across the board. While some sectors of our economy have been gutted by closures and diminished operations, others—especially long-term care facilities—are in dire need of skilled workers,” Congressman Keller said. “The SKILLS Act works to connect individuals with meaningful and in-demand careers while simultaneously ensuring America’s workforce needs are being met, including those essential industries that take great care of our seniors. With over 10 million job openings and not nearly enough workers looking to fill them, I consistently hear from Pennsylvania employers who are desperate for skilled workers. This bill is a positive step towards filling those vacancies and ensuring in-demand fields are being staffed properly.”

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