PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WHTM) — Beer and heavy metal lovers rejoice!

Heavy metal magazine Decibel is bringing its annual Metal and Beer Fest to the Filmore, located at 29 East Allen Street in Philadelphia from June 10-11.

Credited as the world’s loudest two-day craft beer event, many of the biggest bands in the heavy metal music scene will be there, such as Cannibal Corpse and Swedish doom legends Candlemass. The festival is hosting four full-album sets that are exclusive to the Metal and Beer Fest.

“The crossover between extreme metal and craft beer has been going strong for nearly a decade now, so when I started Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest in 2017, the relationship between the two elements already had roots with metal-friendly craft breweries like Trve Brewing in Colorado and 3 Floyds in Indiana,” Decibel magazine’s editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian said. “But there was no event that really showcased the two together and treated them with equal reference. That was the mission statement of Metal & Beer Fest.” 

Besides the 14 bands that will be playing at this two-day event, 19 breweries will be on hand to serve up beers from around the country. From Broken Goblet Brewing, which is based in Pennsylvania, to Sabbath Brewing based out of Georgia. And for the non-drinkers out there, the non-alcoholic brewer Athletic Brewing Company will be joining this year’s line-up.

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Heavy metal band Candlemass. Photo: Ester Segarra

“We are once again excited to be the sponsoring brewery for this amazing crossover beer and metal event, two things that are so important to the very fabric of our business,” Mike LaCouture, co-owner of Broken Goblet Brewing said. “Going from an idea to a small brewery and taproom to a full-fledged production brewery and music venue has taught us the value of hard work, but also sticking to your roots—and it’s a value we see shared every year with the whole Decibel crew. Plus Candlemass? Cannibal Corpse? Yes! we want to be there!”

Before the actual festival, Decibel will be hosting a Pre-Fest, at The Foundry located directly upstairs at the Filmore. Featuring a special evening with a host of progressive metal bands, tickets only for the Pre-Fest can be found here.

Two types of tickets are offered for the event. The “Just Metal” ticket allows you to see the show, but you do not have to sample the beers. The “Metal and Beer” ticket allows you to see the show and have unlimited samples from the lineup of breweries at the event. Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer Fest: Philly 2022 sampling cups will be given with this ticket.

To purchase tickets for the event, click here. For more information about Decibel Magazine, click here!