HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ)– A former Pennsylvania State Police Corporal has been sentenced after investigators found he stole and used drugs from Wayne County state police barracks, according to the PA Office of Attorney General.

Brian Rickard was sentenced on Tuesday, Sept. 19, to two years of house arrest followed by three years of probation for stealing drugs from the evidence room, ingesting them while on the job, and using office computers to cover up the theft, the AG’s Office said.

“Corporal Rickard betrayed his fellow officers and the community he was meant to serve and protect. By stealing evidence and using drugs while on duty, Corporal Rickard dishonored his profession and committed a serious crime. Today’s sentence holds Rickard accountable for betraying the trust of the people of Pennsylvania.”

PA Office of Attorney General

In 2021, Rickard was charged by state police for stealing heroin from the Troop R, Honesdale evidence room, then ingesting it at work and at home, and then also trying to use work computers and programs to cover it up, according to state police. He was placed on suspended leave without pay.

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In November 2003, Rickard enlisted in PSP and graduated as a member of the 115th cadet class.