(WTAJ) — Giant Eagle has announced its commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, according to an announcement by the supermarket chain Tuesday.

Giant Eagle’s initial target is to reach 50% carbon dioxide reduction by 2030 to improve its impact on the climate.

“Given the environmental impact caused by transportation, electricity usage, and emissions from the refrigerants necessary to power cooling equipment in supermarket frozen and dairy sections, grocery retailers have a unique responsibility to manage carbon dioxide output,” Giant Eagle said. “Over the past decade, Giant Eagle has made numerous investments to reduce its carbon footprint.”

The company noted recent efforts, including the conversation of 70% of its truck fleet to alternative energy, LED retrofitting and heating/cooling methods. They plan to invest $100 million over the next 10 years in various initiatives, including a 100% conversion of Giant Eagle’s 200-plus delivery truck fleet to alternative energy.


Other elements to the $100 million investment include infrastructure improvements that target carbon reduction and energy efficiency (IOT solutions and greener HVAC systems), smart lighting solutions and investments into solar projects.

In 2019, Giant Eagle announced that they committed to eliminating all single-use plastics by 2025, including single-use plastic bags.

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