HARRISBURG, Pa (WTAJ) — Governor Tom Wolf (D) is continuing his call on Pennsylvania’s Republican-led General Assembly to pass legislation that would bring $2,000 checks to Pennsylvanians who make under $80,000.

Joined by Representative Patty Kim, Gov. Wolf continued his call to send $2,000 checks to millions of Pennsylvanians with funds received from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). This is the latest stop for Governor Wolf, who in April also spoke about helping Pennsylvanians by sending direct payments when he was joined with Representative Manuel Guzman Jr. in Reading, Pa.

“I first introduced this plan four months ago,” said Gov. Wolf. “A lot has changed since then, from inflation to price increases to a war in Ukraine. Pennsylvanians need our support even more today than they did in February. Under my plan, Pennsylvania households earning $80,000 or less will get up to $2,000, and they can use the money for whatever they need.

In February, Governor Wolf announced a $1.7 billion proposal that would pull from Pennsylvania’s $2 billion dollar budget in federal ARPA. Democratic leaders in both the Senate and House have introduced legislation to support Gov. Wolf’s Pa Opportunity Program. Wolf says the Republican-led General Assembly has been slow to act on committing the federal funding or introduce a plan for the funds.

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The funds will be returned to the deal government by December 31, 2024 if not spent.