PENNSYLVANIA (WTAJ) – Eagles and snow geese and bears, oh my! You’ll be able to watch all these animals and more through the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s round-the-clock livestreams.

The game commission announced that they’ll be running four live streams into spring. Among those streams, you’ll be able to see right inside a black bear den or you can take a bird’s-eye view into the nests of bald eagles.

Here are the livestreams that the PA Game Commission will be running:

Black bear den Livestream in Pike County: This is the first time since 2021 the Game Commission is offering livestream viewers an up-close look inside a black bear den. Bears den each winter, but few of them are in known spots where cameras can be installed and footage streamed to viewers.

Farm Country Eagle livestream: This stream provides a bird’s-eye view into a long-established nest in a giant sycamore overlooking scenic farmland.

Hanover Pa. Bald Eagle livestream: Bald eagles are opportunistic, meaning they take advantage of resources wherever and whenever they can, a trait shared by many scavenging species, including turkey vultures, crows, and ravens. You’ll be able to take a peak at some of Hanover’s Bald Eagle activities through this stream.

Snow Goose livestream: This footage capturing the migratory action at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

“While all of our wildlife livestreams are popular with viewers, there’s nothing like watching and listening to bear cubs as they begin to explore their surroundings and, ultimately, emerge from the den with their mothers to see their new world in Penn’s Woods,” Education Director Steve Smith said. “We’re glad to bring back this livestream for 2023 and offer it alongside our annual wintertime wildlife cams, all of which entertain and educate viewers, and give them a whole new appreciation for wildlife.”

All of these livestreams can be viewed directly at or through

Pennsylvania’s black bears usually are born in January and begin walking in about eight weeks. They leave the den when 3 months old. During the 2019 run of the black bear livestream, the bears left their den on April 11. In 2021, their departure date was March 24.

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Bald eagles typically lay eggs in mid-February and, if the eggs are viable, they’ll hatch in mid- to late March, with young fledging in June, but continuing to stop back at the nest.

Snow goose migration typically peaks at Middle Creek from mid-February to March.

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