PENNSYLVANIA (WTAJ) — Mason Martin, a Kerns City high school football player who collapsed on the field during a game, is “fighting like crazy”, his parents said in a new update.

Mason’s parents said it’s difficult to update regularly as things change daily — sometimes hourly — with his status. Last Saturday, Mason’s cranial pressure increased rapidly and doctors had to intervene to save his life, they said. It was believed it was caused by respiratory issues which were addressed with medicine.

The next day, Mason’s sodium levels were dangerously high and they had to battle to get his levels to a safe point, saying it took about 24 hours and it was an “intense” day.

Last Monday was said to be pretty calm as Mason was heavily medicated. His parents said that Tuesday started well but quickly turned with an aggressive coughing spell. Later that day a nurse noticed his vitals and took off running to alert everyone he was in “V-tach.”

V-tach is Ventricular tachycardia. It’s a type of abnormal heart rhythm or arrhythmia. It occurs when the lower chamber of the heart beats too fast to pump well and the body doesn’t receive enough oxygenated blood.

Within seconds they were in the room and saved Mason, his parents continued, bringing his vitals back to normal.

Mason was said to be in a good spot the next morning and they started removing most of his meds and his body started self-regulating and his vitals were the best they’d been.

“As you can see, almost every day is different,” his parents wrote. “There’s no linear path or set timeline for injuries like this. As always we are so thankful for the support and prayers. He is fighting like crazy and there’s not an ounce of give up in him.”

Mason Martin, quarterback for Karns City High School, was in a game against Redbank Valley when he collapsed on the field. First responders came to his aid before he was flown to UPMC in Pittsburgh.

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Mason’s parents said he suffered a collapsed lung and a brain bleed, but it’s unknown what exactly caused these injuries other than being hit during the game.