WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Westmoreland County man is facing charges after he allegedly set his own car on fire and reported it stolen.

State police responded to the incident after 54-year-old Donald Cassidy, of West Newton, reported his 2010 GMC Acadia stolen on Feb. 15. Upon investigation, troopers located the vehicle in the woods off of White Bridge Road in Mount Pleasant Township.

The vehicle was reportedly set on fire and unrecognizable. However, a visible VIN number on the vehicle verified Cassidy as the owner.


Cassidy’s phone was later obtained by troopers as evidence. A search of the phone’s internet history revealed that Cassidy had reportedly searched for “how to set your car on fire and make it look like an accident.”

Cassidy was subsequently charged with arson, false reports and risking a catastrophe.