ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — What’s the most popular New Year’s resolution in Pennsylvania heading into 2023? Surprisingly, it’s not going to the gym or losing weight — it’s another kind of health.

While things like going to the gym, losing weight, saving for a vacation, or a big purchase are pretty common, none of them take the number one spot in Pennsylvania heading into 2023.

A study from Zippia shows the most popular resolution searches in each state and Pennsylvania shares number one with 11 other states — “Therapy.”

The study shows 12 states looking at therapy as a new year's resolution. After the past few years of a pandemic, inflation, gas prices, bills, balancing work life, home life, social life, and more stresses, it's not too surprising that people are looking for help to manage and deal with everything going into 2023.

Whatever your resolution this year, it looks like Americans are looking to work on their inside self, aiming for their inner peace and happiness, and for some, their own sanity.

To see how Zippia determined the results for each state, you can read more about the study by clicking here.