(CBS NEWSPATH/KDKA) —Some student-athletes in Pennsylvania are trying to get out of gym classes, but not because they don’t want to exercise.

Levi Roseman, who graduated salutatorian at Brookville High School, said he wanted to take harder classes while in high school, but his schedule was limited.

“But darn it if I didn’t have my schedule filled up by mandatory credits, one of them particularly PE, physical education,” Roseman said.

Roseman is now a graduate of Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school in New Hampshire, where was also a student-athlete.

He might not have been the first “bookworm” to try to get out of gym class either, but he was a double threat, a star student and star athlete.

“I was doing golf and cross-country in the fall,” Roseman said. “Indoor track in the winter and outdoor track in the spring.”

On top of graduating salutatorian, Roseman participated in four sports!

“Do I really need to take gym? I mean, I like gym class. I like playing dodgeball,” Roseman said.

Now with State Senator Cris Dush’s (R) proposed bill, student-athletes, like Roseman, could possibly benefit from not having gym classes.

Through the bill, gym classes would be optional for student-athletes. Crazy thing is, this was an idea Roseman had when he was in high school!

“I was surprised when I found out about it,” Roseman said.

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Dush isn’t alone though, he has a Democratic co-sponsor on the bill.

“I’m anxious to get this across the finish line because I think it would help a lot of our young people who are active scholastically and also in sports,” Dush said.