HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania residents can now submit the boundaries of their communities of interest and comment on the current congressional district map using an online tool, according to a press release.

Rep. Seth Grove (R-York), chair of the House State Government Committee, announced he wants this congressional redistricting process to be open and transparent. An online mapping tool is available on the Pennsylvania Congressional redistricting website to suggest where districts should be drawn as well as a way to submit comments on the current congressional map.

“We, as policymakers, want to hear from as many residents as possible about the congressional redistricting process,” Grove said in the press release. “These innovative online tools put the process right in their hands so that the voices of Pennsylvanians can be heard.”

The website also provides video tutorials on both the mapping tool and the comment page.

Every 10 years, information is collected through the U.S. Census to determine the number of U.S. representatives each state is entitled to based on population, the redistricting website states. Once the data is collected, states are responsible for redrawing the geographic area of their congressional districts to ensure “equal and fair representation.”

Currently, Pennsylvania has 18 districts. However, based on 2020 Census data, the next congressional map will only include 17 districts. Districts are drawn via legislation, meaning a bill is passed by both the House and Senate and signed by the governor.

The redistricting website also serves as a source for information on 10 statewide hearings on redrawing congressional districts being held by the House State Government Committee.

Video recordings of two hearings that have been held, as well as written testimony, are also on the site. Users can also sign up to receive updates directly from the committee.

More details can be found on the website.

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