HARRISBURG, PA – (WTAJ) Governor Tom Wolf issued a reminder about the Pennsylvania Student Loan Relief Programs, which will begin accepting applications in January.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency will start taking applications for those students that are eligible for the Pennsylvania Student Loan Relief or the Pennsylvania Student Loan Relief for Nurses Program. The nurses program was developed for those nurses who are working tirelessly to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These programs are a way to thank individuals for their tireless efforts and encourage more students to follow these career paths. Opportunities for loan forgiveness are available now, and we must spread the word so eligible Pennsylvanians can take advantage of these crucial programs,” Gov. Wolf said.

Awardees will receive student loan relief of $2,500 for each year of work in the field, for no more than three years or a max of $7,500. For more information about the program, click here.

“As a nurse, I was proud to advocate for this funding and I’m excited to be working with Governor Wolf and PHEAA to launch this student loan relief program,” said Senator Maria Collett. “For Pennsylvania’s nurses, COVID-19 has made an already challenging and stressful job exponentially harder; this program is a great first step to better support them and keep them in the profession.” 

In addition, Gov. Wolf announced on Dec. 17, that Pennsylvania will not tax student loan forgiveness for both the nurses program and the Public Servce Loan Forgiveness Program. Pennsylvaia joins the federal government and multiple other states in making loan forgiveness untaxable.

“The last 22 months battling the pandemic have put significant strain on the employees of the public service sector here in Pennsylvania and nationwide,” said Gov. Wolf. “By supporting our fellow Pennsylvanians, we keep the commonwealth competitive against other states and further prosper by ensuring the best and brightest minds call Pennsylvania home.”

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